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Wilder Ranch: Land of Milk and Money

By Traci Hukill

People love Wilder Ranch State Park. Hikers and mountain bikers come from all over to explore its 34 miles of trail winding through oak-crowned meadows and redwood ravines and to gape at its stupendous views of Monterey Bay. But many visitors also come to savor the gentler charms of the old farm complex, a tidy arrangement of whitewashed barns and restored old homes sheltered in a valley out of the reach of the brisk ocean breeze. Here goats, chickens and draft horses go about their peaceful daily business, the antique tractors snooze in their garage and time putters along like a Model T on Highway 1, cheerfully oblivious to the line of modern conveniences piled up behind and itching to take over.

The ‘SS Palo Alto’ Turns 100!

Santa Cruz County celebrates its concrete curiosity The SS Palo Alto might be the most unlikely of Santa Cruz County landmarks. Constructed of concrete in 1919, and named for another Bay Area town, the Cement Ship—a nickname quickly adopted by most locals—has been a beloved icon of Seacliff State Beach in Aptos since it was