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October 19, 2021

Seven Wineries Meeting Planners Should Know About

The wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountain Appellations feature lush, landscaped grounds, vineyards, heritage tasting rooms, and stylish patios where smaller groups can opt for corporate retreats and offsite events. Whether you want your corporate retreat to be held outdoors with a view of the Monterey Bay framed by vineyards, or inside a California-rustic tasting

July 13, 2021

Adventure Retreats for Corporate Outdoor Lovers

Summer is here, and what better inspiration than summer camp to plan for a corporate meeting or retreat in the great outdoors. A majestic forest not only serves as a quiet, introspective setting, it also provides exhilarating teambuilding opportunities. Opt outside and choose a forested setting nestled amongst coastal redwoods for your next gathering. Here

May 24, 2021

Two New Properties Debut in Santa Cruz County!

Westside Warmth Santa Cruz’s Mission Street – also known as California’s iconic Highway One – travels through town, linking the westside with the downtown area. Travelers coming southbound on Highway One from San Francisco or the peninsula will arrive on the westside as they enter Santa Cruz County. This once-industrial area known for processing fruit

May 24, 2021

Dream Big, Think Small (Meetings) in Santa Cruz County!

Let’s break it down: as corporations seek out more personalized service when it comes to meeting planning, what better way for attendees to unplug from the hustle and bustle of a large space than with a small-scale gathering in a calm, relaxing beachside town? Take a break from big-city venues and convention halls in northern

April 21, 2021

Onsite Team Building at Santa Cruz County Hotels

Onsite team building in Santa Cruz County is as diverse as the region:  from team games on the beach just outside your meeting room to sunrise yoga on the pool deck, corporate groups will end their gathering refreshed, relaxed, and motivated. Let’s take a look at the creative ways hotels are working to energize meeting

April 21, 2021

Let’s Talk Team Building in Santa Cruz County

Summer is here in Santa Cruz County! When the weather is this nice, taking the time to bring a team together to bond outside the workplace is a no-brainer. Whether you’re looking for an adrenalin-packed adventure or a more introspective experience for your group, Santa Cruz County offers a variety of team-building experiences! Adventure in

March 25, 2021

Planning Tips for Your Next Hybrid Meeting

Of the three types of meetings and conferences:  in-person, virtual, and hybrid, the latter of three offers less of a one-directional approach to meeting dynamics and more of an interactive opportunity. A hybrid meeting – the marriage of an in-person and virtual meeting – can mean that small groups may meet in-person in various locations,

March 25, 2021

Hybrid Meetings in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County is known to leisure visitors and business travelers for its natural beauty, redwood forests, and coastal charm. As the region moves toward reopening, keeping locals and visitors safe remains critically important. While maintaining safety protocols will continue to be top of mind for meeting planners, the reality is that hybrid meetings may

February 17, 2021

Clean + Safe Certified Meetings

Hotels and resorts in Santa Cruz County have been hard at work to ensure meeting attendees in Santa Cruz County are safe in 2021 while enjoying coastal views, redwood forests, and other after-work natural amenities (boutique winery visits count too!) Since the start of the pandemic, Visit Santa Cruz County has ensured that meeting hotels

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