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Scenic Wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains

By Garrick Ramirez

Thanks to talented winegrowers, hospitable soil, and the cooling waters of nearby Monterey Bay, you won’t have trouble finding world-class wines with distinctive terroir in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation. But what about a setting that is equally delicious? As local hikers and nature lovers are well aware, the Santa Cruz Mountains abound with a striking natural beauty which provides an inspiring backdrop for the many wineries dotted about its hillsides. Below, you’ll find three picturesque wineries where you can sip amidst the vineyards, and drink up the scenery.

Where to Get Tasty Takeout!

By Kristin Conard

Santa Cruz has so many great restaurants, and you can enjoy their tasty offerings at your own dinner table or while relaxing at the beach. No pots and pans to wash, no groceries to buy, no recipes to follow. The hardest thing about your dinner will be choosing the restaurant! Here are five fantastic spots around Santa Cruz that offer tasty take-out.

Celebrate California Wine Month

Raise your glass in Santa Cruz County to California Wine Month! Sip, savor, and experience the spectacular wines from the Santa Cruz Mountains during the month of September with these special events: