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California King Tides are coming to Santa Cruz in 2020! The January dates are already behind us, but there’s still a chance to enjoy these impressive tides on February 8 – 9, 2020! These naturally occurring and predictable events are when the highest and lowest tides hit our shores and create an even more dramatic

Off-Season Camping at Sunset State Beach

By Rachel Endsley

The official summer season may be coming to a close, but the weather continues to amaze! And right on cue, September sunsets are making everyone remember why the change of seasons isn’t so bad in Santa Cruz County. Whether you can sneak in some more beach days, catch a sunset on the coast, or plan a whole camping trip, discover the south county gem of Sunset State Beach.

Find Sand Art & Rock Stacks in Santa Cruz County!

By Garrick Ramirez

While many artists take inspiration from their surroundings, environmental artists incorporate the natural environs into their artworks, transforming the landscape into a virtual open-air gallery. You’ve seen examples: stacks of rocks precariously perched along trailways, and dazzling sand sculptures that lure camera-wielding crowds. The next time you’re out and about in Santa Cruz County, keep an eye out for the following artistic displays.

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