Buzzworthy Bites at the Boardwalk

Nestled along California’s sun-drenched shoreline is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, an iconic West Coast destination brimming with amusing games, thrilling attractions, and flavorful delights! Strolling along this historic landmark’s fun-filled promenade, stretched across the sand, the enticing aromas of freshly fried foods mingle with the salty air, welcoming you to this nostalgic wonderland. Tucked amidst the thrilling rides and classic arcade games is a tantalizing array of foodie delights that are sure to ignite the senses. From french-fried vegetables to candied apples and funnel cakes, sample a variety of the Boardwalk’s delicious fare to discover a gastronomic experience as memorable as the rollercoasters and amusements themselves. Come along on a culinary adventure to discover the most buzzworthy bites at the Boardwalk!

Surf City Grill

Santa Cruz County’s bountiful local produce shines at Surf City Grill, which dishes up mouthwateringly good fried vegetables together with other traditional boardwalk fare, like burgers and french fries. Surf City Grill’s must-try is their flavorful French-fried vegetables: artichokes and zucchini, deep-fried and delicious! Fuel up between rides with a freshly dipped cajun corn dog, bacon ranch crispy chicken sandwich, or one of the many other scrumptious savory options on Surf City’s menu. Be sure to snag some of their crave-worthy garlic fries, and if you’re up to the task, sink your teeth into a Texas doughnut: it’s best when shared! Surf City Grill offers an array of beloved classics alongside fresh takes that will surely be a hit with everyone’s taste buds!

Marini’s Candies

Indulge your sweet tooth at Marini’s at the Beach! A Boardwalk classic since 1915, Marini’s Candies has been serving confections along this picturesque stretch of California coastline for over a century. Stepping into Marini’s feels like turning back the clock to a simpler time: spare a moment to watch as these confections are handmade in small batches on-site. Take your time to peruse the display, which is packed full of candies and confections of all kinds, and delight in carefully choosing a little something sweet to savor. A seaside staple is their saltwater taffy: it comes in old-fashioned flavors such as butter toffee, strawberry, and molasses alongside flavors for more experimental palates, such as peanut butter and piña colada! Sample some Boardwalk staples, like caramel corn and candied apples, and grab some fudge to take home as a souvenir. Don’t miss a chance to taste Marini’s imaginative must-try: Chocolate-Covered Bacon! It is a perfect blend of sweet and savory that will keep you coming back for more. With its old-school charm and expansive selection of delectable confections, Marini’s will cater to your cravings time and again!

Classic Sweet Treats

Some treats are as iconic as the rides themselves, and at the Boardwalk, there’s a clear standout: Funnel Cake. The alluring aroma of piping hot funnel cakes, freshly made and dusted in powdered sugar, awaits across the promenade from the Giant Dipper. Choose to keep the toppings simple, with “The Original”: powdered sugar and whipped cream. Or dress up your funnel cake with topping options like cinnamon apples, vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate. For a truly unique funnel cake, try the daily special!

Mere steps down the Boardwalk is another culinary tradition: cotton candy clouds!  Watch as the soft pink sugar is swirled before your eyes, anticipation growing and nostalgia setting in. Pull off a bit of the velvety confection to taste, letting the light, airy texture melt on your tongue. Each bite is like taking a delightful trip back to childhood, so embrace the moment and allow yourself to be whisked away on a sweetly nostalgic adventure!

Let’s not forget about chocolate-dipped soft-serve ice cream cones, another classic summertime luxury. Savor every blissful bite of this decadently creamy treat, which perfectly blends the richness of the crisp chocolate outer layer with the velvety vanilla soft serve inside. For those who prefer fruity flavors, don’t miss the pineapple soft serve: the refreshing flavor of pineapple meets the creamy delight of the soft serve, transporting your taste buds on a tropical vacation! With so many toothsome treats on offer, the Boardwalk is guaranteed to have something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

From the French-fried vegetables at Surf City Grill to Marini’s chocolate-covered bacon, as well as funnel cakes, chocolate-dipped cones, and more, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is brimming with a tantalizing array of foodie delights. Be sure to come hungry, because there is no shortage of delicious options to explore! Eating your way across the Boardwalk is a quintessential Santa Cruz experience you won’t want to miss!