Best Breakfast Burritos in Santa Cruz County

Welcome to the flavorful world of Santa Cruz County, where the sun-kissed beaches meet the vibrant culinary scene! In this picturesque coastal haven, breakfast isn’t just a meal; it’s a lifestyle. The star of breakfast culture is definitely the breakfast burrito, which combines versatility and portability in a single flour tortilla-wrapped flavor bomb! Santa Cruz County boasts a diverse array of eateries crafting these portable packages of morning bliss, each with its unique twist and flavor profile. The breakfast burrito is deeply intertwined with the surf culture of Santa Cruz County since it is perfectly portable, nutrient-dense, and full of wacky flavor combinations that properly fuel the adventurous spirit of visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a local seeking a new morning ritual or a traveler eager to indulge in the unique tastes of this Californian paradise, our guide will lead you to the best breakfast burritos in Santa Cruz County.

23040 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz (Pleasure Point); Pacific Point Market & Café: 302 Pacific Avenue, C, Santa Cruz (Downtown)

The Point Market is a classic bodega-style market serving up massive breakfast burritos in a humble convenience store. With locations across the county at Pleasure Point on the Eastside and near the wharf on the Westside, The Point Market is a local favorite with a cult following. The expansive menu offers a huge variety of breakfast burritos from the iconic triple protein “Its” with eggs, potatoes, cheese, avocado, sausage, bacon, and ham or the indulgent “Mexi-Cali” featuring chorizo and fries mixed in with the classic inclusions. Each burrito is jam-packed with fresh flavors and house-made salsas carefully crafted to fulfill your every indulgent culinary desire and fuel your day, whether you’re hitting the waves or exploring Santa Cruz County! They dish up breakfast burritos all day, ensuring everyone can get their fix any time. Don’t forget to bring your cash when picking up a burrito at the Point Market since they are a cash-only destination.

1200 41st Avenue, Capitola

Busy Bee’s Catering elevates the breakfast burrito experience with a variety of tantalizing menu options that cater to every palate. The “Old Faithful” is a classic favorite, featuring a flavor-packed blend of fluffy scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and pan-fried potatoes. For those seeking a unique gourmet twist, the “Benedict Burrito” takes center stage with its luxurious combination of scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, spinach, and green onions, crowned with hollandaise sauce. Their vegetarian option, the “Bee Humble,” delivers serious flavor for plant-based enthusiasts, with marinated tofu, zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach, complemented by pan-fried potatoes and a refreshing tomato cucumber salsa, all tied together with a drizzle of tahini sauce. This hidden gem on 41st Avenue is a breakfast burrito haven you have to visit! Regardless of which burrito you choose, don’t forget to pair it with their delicious house-made cinnamon rolls to take your breakfast experience to the next level! Pro Tip: Hours are limited at Busy Bee’s! Normal hours are Friday – Sunday, 8am – 2pm.

131A Front Street, Santa Cruz (Downtown)

Indulge your morning cravings with the mouthwatering breakfast burritos at Firefly Coffee House in Santa Cruz. Firefly Coffee House is known for their gourmet handmade bagels and delicious coffee, but their breakfast burritos are a true hidden gem! The fully loaded “Works” is more than a hefty burrito filled with bacon, chorizo, avocado, eggs, potatoes, cheddar cheese, and green onions. The combination of savory ingredients, from crispy bacon to creamy avocado, creates a well-rounded and fulfilling breakfast option. They also have an amazing vegan breakfast burrito packed with vegan chorizo, crispy potatoes, and fresh green onions. Each burrito is freshly crafted and steaming hot, ready to eat at their colorful picnic tables or to take just a few blocks away to the beach for a perfect picnic! Whether you’re a local looking for a reliable morning bite or a visitor eager to taste the local flavors, Firefly Coffee House promises a delicious breakfast experience.

719 Swift Street, Santa Cruz (Westside)

Start your morning off the right way with delicious locally roasted coffee paired with an indulgent breakfast burrito at Cat and Cloud’s Westside location. Their signature breakfast burrito features a flour tortilla rolled with a delectable combination of scrambled eggs, El Salchichero bacon, crispy potatoes, housemade chipotle aioli, and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. The vibrant tomatillo salsa served on the side enhances every flavor, creating a delightful contrast. The Cat and Cloud breakfast burrito is known for the crispy texture of their perfectly cooked bacon and potatoes. For those with dietary preferences, the menu proudly includes vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious morning meal. Cat and Cloud is fueling your caffeine and culinary needs all in one incredible location with plenty of outdoor seating and a beautiful interior, great for catching up with friends or getting some work done.

129 W Lake Avenue, Watsonville

For more than three decades, D’La Colmena has been a culinary cornerstone in the Pajaro Valley, bringing vibrant and authentic tastes of traditional Mexican cuisine to the community. D’La Colmena is known for its delicious catering services, but it is also a great spot to grab a breakfast burrito to help fuel your day! D’La Colmena is a wonderful, friendly local grocery store that has a walk-up taqueria counter where you can get fast, cheap, and tasty food, including their breakfast burritos. The real star of the show is their carefully crafted handmade tortillas, which are made fresh daily. The breakfast burritos are small, but at less than $5 a burrito, its a great place to try out a few flavors. Each burrito is simple but packed with flavor and includes great combinations like chorizo and egg or carne asada with egg. Grab a breakfast burrito (or three) and fuel up for your next adventure, whether you’re hiking Mt. Madonna or heading to Pajaro Dunes for a day of fun in the sun!

644-670 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz

Steamer Lane Supply is a surf-shack style bodega that represents the epitome of a surfside breakfast experience. Nestled within the scenic beauty of Lighthouse Field State Beach, Steamer Lane Supply is positioned just across the street from the iconic surf break that lends its name. Beyond the gorgeous setting, this is the go-to spot for healthy and delicious food with creative culinary twists. Their breakfast burrito is a special star on the menu featuring juicy chorizo, potatoes, gooey cheese, and delicious salsa fresca. Each burrito is a perfect blend of flavor and freshness that will brighten up your morning. With all seating positioned outdoors in the park, visitors can enjoy their food in a spacious and invigorating environment where patrons of all ages, including four-legged friends, are welcome. The scenic coastal vista provides an unrivaled backdrop, ensuring that every visit to Steamer Lane Supply is not only a culinary delight but also an immersive experience that captures the essence of Santa Cruz County.