3 Reasons to Visit Davenport  

Perched along the craggy bluffs of California’s scenic Highway 1 overlooking the Pacific Ocean is the charming coastal town of Davenport. Situated a mere 10 miles north of Santa Cruz, the picturesque drive is part of the adventure! Stop in along one of the roadside farms to harvest your very own bounty from the fields, or enjoy the freshly picked produce served up at a local restaurant. From sheltered coves to cliff-sides providing astonishing vistas, don’t miss a chance to explore one of Davenport’s secluded beaches! Its scenic drive, hyper-fresh bounty, and the pristine natural beauty of its remote beaches are three of the best reasons to venture out and discover the idyllic coastal haven of Davenport!   

Highway 1 at Scott Creek Beach by Ben Ingram


Begin your getaway along the seemingly endless Highway 1: the stunning landscapes along the cliffside roadway make for an idyllic backdrop as you drive off into the sunset! Put on your favorite playlist and cruise up the highway, rolling down the windows to smell the fresh salt air. This sun-drenched stretch of asphalt is lined with fields that stretch on and on, ample vista points looking out over the Pacific Ocean, and plenty of farm stands to check out along the way. Take your time as you navigate the gently sloping curves of Highway 1, pause to check out the rugged beauty of the coastal bluffs, bring along a picnic, and soak up each moment of your excursion. Each curve of the road reveals a new postcard-perfect scene, making the scenic drive up the coast one of the best parts of visiting Davenport!

Artichoke fields by Liz Birnbaum, The Curated Feast


Blanketing the lands around Davenport are expansive fields of wildflowers, strawberries, artichokes, olallieberries, and a variety of the delicious, farm-fresh bounty that feeds Santa Cruz County and the world beyond. The coastal fog blankets these fields with much-needed moisture, aiding in the delicate balance that makes Santa Cruz County’s temperate climate the ideal locale for growing produce. There is a rich agricultural history in Davenport and Santa Cruz County: today’s farm stands have roots that go back generations as the current crops pave the way for the future, being used in innovative culinary creations around the county. Taste the local farm-to-table cuisine at Davenport Roadhouse, which uses Brussels sprouts from the roadside Rodoni Farms, caramelized with an apple gastrique. Pick your very own bounty at Rodoni Farms and Swanton Berry Farm, which both offer organic u-pick options throughout the year. Bring along your harvest for a coastal picnic – complete with berry cobbler from Swanton – and don’t forget to grab some jam to take home!  

Shark Fin Cove by Ben Ingram


Nestled amongst the rugged cliffs of Davenport’s spectacular coastline are an abundance of secluded beaches perfect for a day spent soaking up the sunshine and discovering the wonders of marine life. Searching for the hidden sea arches, rock formations, and tide pools teeming with marine life feels like a scavenger hunt for natural beauty! One of the most iconic is Shark Fin Rock, a lone predator that emphasizes the sweeping views of the coast as its off-white mudstone catches the light throughout the day. Head down the rocky trail to the sheltered cove’s shore, where you will be rewarded with the opportunity to explore a sea cave, admire vibrantly-colored sea glass, and feel as if you’ve discovered a true hidden gem on the California coast.  

There are plenty of other secluded seascapes dotting the shoreline of the north coast, ready to be explored! The pristine beaches of Coast Dairies State Park and Davenport Bluffs’ rugged coastline are beautiful places to spread out a coastal picnic or take a scenic hike. Visit sometime from January through April for whale watching: catch a glimpse of a Humpback or Gray Whale as they make their migration along the California Coast. The brilliant views along the north coast cliffs make for the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the Pacific, a fantastic end to any day while visiting Santa Cruz County.  

Due to these beaches’ secluded nature, it’s important to note that there are often no restrooms or garbage bins. Being prepared to pack out what you pack in, including your trash, and others’ debris as well if you’re up to it – helps keep these majestic places clean and beautiful for all of us to enjoy for years to come!  

With its scenic drive, super fresh agricultural scene, and secluded yet stunning shorelines, the captivatingly quaint town of Davenport will leave you longing for more with every visit.