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April 19, 2018 - April 28, 2018

Santa Cruz Dance Week

Downtown Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz , CA 95060

Date & Time

April 19, 2018  -  April 28, 2018

"4/19/2018 - 4/28/2018

See website for time schedule and open class information Photo Credit: Crystal Birns"


"Dancing in The Streets: One night each year in April hundreds of dancers and thousands of observers converge for a fantastic night of dance on the streets of Downtown Santa Cruz. Many audience members find great inspiration witnessing the diversity and the spectacle of dance ranging from the culturally celebratory groove of dozens of Brazilian drummers and Samba Dancers filling the streets, to the death defying grace of aerial artists dancing high above Pacific Avenue. Dance in Unlikely Places are small performances that pop-up across the county the first weekend of Dance Week each year. Keep an eye out. It really can happen anywhere! Also Open Dance Classes across Santa Cruz County will get you up and dancing. "