Byrne-Milliron Forest

809 Browns Valley Road

Hours of Operation
  • Sunrise - Sunset
Type of Activity
  • Parks

This magical, 400-acre wood was one of our first public access properties. The Byrne portion of the property became a part of the Land Trust in 1984, and Milliron (pronounced just as the two separate words ‘mill’ and ‘iron’) in 2008. Located in Corralitos, the forest is a lovely place to hike and explore, with panoramic views of the Pajaro Valley and Monterey Bay.

Home to the 1,000-year-old, 250-foot tall “Great White” redwood, Byrne-Milliron is more than a destination – it is also a working forest – an example of how sustainable selective timber harvesting sequesters more carbon and generates revenue to help offset the cost of maintaining the property. We take pride in making the property available to its members and the public.

Info Last Updated
  • 01-30-2024