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This is the photographer himself, getting in on the photo of his dreams.

There have been some jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, down right magical photos taken in Davenport of the Milky Way. In the daylight, North County is gorgeous enough, but this slowcoast town’s dark night skies showcase beauty beyond imagination when the Milky Way Galaxy is on display. And this type of photography takes some serious skill, knowledge and patience – did you know there is a Milky Way “season”? These photographers often use the aid of sites like Escaype– a tool that can “predict more than weather” it can “predict sky”. Needless to say, it takes some real talent to capture amazing photos like these and we are honored to have people like Bay Area Landscape Photographer, Farhan Zaidi, come to town and share the magic. Enjoy a couple of his recent captures of the Milky Way over Davenport!

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