Press Policies


Working on a story? Visit Santa Cruz County (VSCC) supports qualified media working on feature stories about and editorial coverage of the Santa Cruz County area. VSCC can assist with obtaining video, professional photography and assistance with press trips for qualified media. As a courtesy, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.


Video footage is supplied by VSCC for editorial purposes and for the purpose of promoting Santa Cruz County as a tourist destination to qualified media. We ask that Video Footage be returned within 60 days of receipt.


VSCC can provide photos from its photography library to promote and publicize Santa Cruz County as a conference, visitor and/or tourist destination to qualified media. Photography may be used as a resource for consumer and media publications to accompany editorial feature stories for one-time editorial, non-commercial use only, to promote travel to Santa Cruz County. Images may not be copied or distributed.

All photography rights remain at all times the exclusive property of its owner. Credit line must read “Photo courtesy of Visit Santa Cruz County/name or initials of photographer.”

User must agree that no monetary consideration will be made from these photos, and that the photos will be used for CONFERENCE, TRAVEL AND/OR TOURISM EDITORIAL PURPOSES ONLY and not for commercial or advertising use.


VSCC looks forward to assisting qualified media with itinerary ideas tailored to your editorial needs, offering you an exclusive Santa Cruz County experience, including the “inside track” on the newest “must-sees”, and set you up with interview subjects that can provide you with a fresh, local perspective.

For qualified media who would like to visit the area, please adhere to the following guidelines:

A written request must be received by VSCC (via e-mail) at least four weeks before your planned arrival date. Please include the following:

  1. Assignment details on original letterhead, signed by your editor, publisher, assignment editor or news director.
  2. If writing for print, include the name of the publication, how frequently it is published (daily, weekly or monthly), its circulation and the expected publication date of your article.
  3. If working for a broadcast, include the name of the program, audience numbers and expected time and date of broadcast.
  4. Include assignment and copies of four most recently published articles, photographs or produced tapes.
  5. The dates you plan to visit and your proposed itinerary.
  6. Your contact information and how you prefer to be contacted. VSCC asks that you please send copies of articles or broadcast tapes as a result of your visit for our file. We will forward a copy to those who assisted you and are featured in your article or broadcast.

In addition, please note the following:

  • We cannot accommodate a spouse or partner unless he/she is officially assigned to the same story and we cannot accommodate children on press visits.
  • Accommodations cannot always be secured at a complimentary or discounted media rate due to high season, holidays or conventions. In that case, you are responsible for the applicable lodging costs.

Requests can be submitted to: Visit Santa Cruz County 303 Water Street, Suite 100, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Phone: 831.425.1234, ext. 112 Email:

Thank you for your interest in the diversity, history and culture of Santa Cruz County and we look forward to working with you to educate the traveling public about all there is to see and do in our area. We will do our best to accommodate your needs within these guidelines and appreciate your cooperation.

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