A new set of trails at the Glenwood Preserve Open Space in Scotts Valley means the area is one step closer to completion of its long-term plan of complete public access.  Located a mere six miles from the beaches of Santa Cruz, this 166-acre preserve consists of grasslands, riparian forests and wetlands.  Boasting three miles of walking and biking trails and gentle gradients, this western area of the preserve – accessible through Siltanen Park – is ideal for hiking, running and group fitness activities. The pet-friendly West Glenwood Preserve Trails feature several bridges, gentle gradients, and with the northern and summit loops winding through old growth redwood trees, a stunning view of Scotts Valley at the summit.  The Glenwood Preserve Open Space is home to several rare species of flora.  March through May beautiful displays of California poppies, lupine and other wildflowers can be seen.

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