Traveler’s Guide


Symmetry is Visit Santa Cruz County’s annual traveler’s guide publication which illustrates the cornerstones of the region that set it apart from other coastal California destinations.  This annual, upscale publication features a community-focused lifestyle perspective of Santa Cruz County.  Thoughtfully curated content in the form of comprehensive, journalistically-driven narratives and reflective photography conveying the soulful nature of Santa Cruz County are woven throughout the guide.   

With a distribution of 100,000 copies, Symmetry is mailed free of charge to domestic requests for visitor information and can be requested on-line. Symmetry is distributed to hotels, motels, vacation rentals and bed and breakfast inns and provided to Chambers of Commerce and State Park visitor center locations throughout the county as well as Visit California Welcome Centers, at major airports and in other key California and out-of-state markets.

The next edition will be available in early 2024.

To inquire about 2024 advertising opportunities, email Flavia Oliveira, Director of Sales and Marketing.