Find Sand Art & Rock Stacks in Santa Cruz County!

While many artists take inspiration from their surroundings, environmental artists incorporate the natural environs into their artworks, transforming the landscape into a virtual open-air gallery. You’ve seen examples: stacks of rocks precariously perched along trailways, and dazzling sand sculptures that lure camera-wielding crowds. The next time you’re out and about in Santa Cruz County, keep

Where to Get Tasty Takeout!

By Kristin Conard

Santa Cruz has so many great restaurants, and you can enjoy their tasty offerings at your own dinner table or while relaxing at the beach. No pots and pans to wash, no groceries to buy, no recipes to follow. The hardest thing about your dinner will be choosing the restaurant! Here are five fantastic spots around Santa Cruz that offer tasty take-out.

Your Perfect Santa Cruz County Playlist!

By Marina Drab

We all have them: those quintessential summer songs that bring us back to childhood nights or lazy lounges on a warm day. While we’ll never skip those feel-good classics, we’re paying homage to both new and old tunes reminiscent of the ‘Good Vibrations’ that Surf City provides.