Ben Ingram Visuals


Santa Cruz based documentary wedding photographer.

The best way to describe my work is a mix of National Geographic with GQ/Vogue. I love to focus on the storytelling aspect of wedding photography as I capture your day (think photojournalism). I feel that candid images tend to be the photos you look back on the most, and the ones that evoke the emotions of the day. After all, we value images most that can bring us back to those moments. To me, that is what photography is all about.

With that said, I am always ready to jump in and pose you and your partner for those editorial style shots. I promise it is not as daunting as it sounds. Have you ever seen the movie Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell? There is a scene where he awkwardly holds his hands in front of the camera. That is pretty much all of us. I’m there to keep those hands from looking awkward and make the two of you feel as comfortable as possible while providing direction as we move through some organic posing.

Info Last Updated
  • 09-05-2023