Weather Information


Santa Cruz County weather is characterized by a mild, Mediterranean climate. The daily high temperatures in the summer months are in the mid-70s, while the daily high temperatures in the winter months are in the mid-50s. The humidity is low for a coastal area. An average of 31 inches of rain falls annually, primarily between November and April. Occasional fog occurs along the coast due to changing Pacific currents. Resources for current weather forecasts, surf reports and tide tables include the following:

National Weather Service
Phone: 831.656.1725
Weather Forecast Office San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey

Surf Report

Monterey Bay Air Quality

O’Neill Surf Report
Phone: 831.475.2275

Santa Cruz Harbor
Phone: 831.475.3033

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Wharf

Latitude: 36.59 N, Longitude: 121.59 W
Elevation: 130 feet