A new wellness boutique has opened on diminutive Cooper Street in Downtown Santa Cruz. Across the way from the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Yoso Wellness Annex approaches treatment products holistically, addressing internal and external factors that impact our body, mind, and skin health. Lotions, serums, journals, skin treatments, crystals, candles, and other products contribute to a self-care regimen – a critical practice following such a tumultuous year. Yoso means Raw Elements in Japanese. Owner Jennalee Dahlen chose a Japanese word for the spa to pull in a piece of her Japanese heritage. Jennalee’s great grandfather Frank Matsuyama moved to America from Japan and married a German woman and raised their family on a 23-acre farm in downtown Sonoma. During the war, five of his children were placed in internment camps. At that time, he was training law enforcement members and the military on jujutsu and how to use the yawara stick, a device he created. Due to his government work, he was able to help get his children out of the camps and back home safely. Dahlen proudly displays a work of art by Matsuyama in the spa. It depicts Drama-San, a Buddhist priest that represents willpower. Separate from the boutique, Yoso Spa nearby offers a range of services such as facials, massage, waxing, acupuncture, cupping, cosmetic acupuncture, lashes, and advanced skin treatments.

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