Public art in Santa Cruz is taking shape five ways this season, using concrete, traffic signal cabinets, public walls, and planter boxes to showcase local creations. This roundup of artwork is available as a public art walking tour, complete with a map from the Santa Cruz City Arts Commission.  SculpTOUR, Graphic Traffic, Architectural Art, Permanent Sculptures, and City Murals are the latest installments making public spaces more vibrant.  Santa Cruz’s SculpTOUR is a curated rotating art exhibit that spans the raised planter boxes on Pacific Avenue in Downtown Santa Cruz. Sculptures made from metal, concrete, wood, and other mediums are displayed on this pedestrian-friendly street, bringing the work of local artists to residents and visitors. Graphic Traffic showcases artwork on traffic signal cabinets throughout the city. Whimsical portraits, paintings of local points of interest, and other subjects transform the mundane into eye-catching inspiration. Architectural Art integrated into larger construction efforts like streetlight posts, skate park tiles, and railings on public walkways.  Permanent Sculptures on display throughout town were gifted to the city, or selected by a public vote in the rebuild efforts following the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. Samples include 1976’s Hypercube, a modernist approach to minimal surface structures. Murals of various shapes and sizes around the city grace on outdoor walls located in prominent places and tucked-away on sides of buildings.

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