On Santa Cruz’s Westside a stylish, California-rustic tasting room is home to a small-batch distillery which produces organic whiskey, gin, aquavit and blue agave spirits. Founded by Sean Venus, Venus Spirits offers bold flavors that start with organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Each batch is distilled in hand-pounded copper Alembic Stills. Recipes utilize fresh herbs, botanicals, fruit, and infused neutral spirits made from organic wheat. Combined with a little bit of ocean air, a classic California vibe, and a touch of precision and time, these bespoke handcrafted spirits carry a signature taste that is uniquely Santa Cruz. Tastings are offered Friday through Sunday, and handcrafted cocktails on Friday night in a tasting room crafted from reclaimed wood with copper accents.

Memory: 24MB (9.38% of 256MB)