New libations have been created by mixologist and bar manager Matt Barron at Soif Wine Bar & Restaurant. Utilizing “leftover” trimmings from ingredients on the menu, he transforms them into garnishes, mixes, and infusions on the reimagined drink menu – resulting in unexpected concoctions.  Dehydrated strawberries are combined with Cherry blossoms and artisanal mezcal for the Ryūko, named after an anime character, who Matt describes as “sweet but dangerous.” Ingredients sourced from the Homeless Garden Project combine with gin and lemon for the French Lavender 75. And for a springtime pick-me-up, Sessions is a seasonal, fruity, low-alcohol choice with a tangy twist: a beet-blood orange shrub lends color and sweetness to St. George Terroir gin and a splash of vermouth.

Memory: 24MB (9.38% of 256MB)