The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, recognized internationally as a must-see West Coast attraction, announced a $12 million improvement project scheduled for completion by summer, 2017. The project will create an impressive main entrance for the Boardwalk, to include state-of-the-art ticketing windows, an entrance plaza, and a fresh new look for several games, concessions and attractions in the adjacent area. Fright Walk and Lazer Maze, two of the Boardwalk’s most popular attractions, will both get fanciful new entrances as well. Fright Walk will also get a complete interior makeover, taking advantage of new basement/dungeon space. The spooky walk-through attraction was originally designed and built in 2004 by Boardwalk staff and remains a park favorite. The project will connect the classic Moorish-style of the Cocoanut Grove building with the more colorful, eclectic style of the Boardwalk.

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