April 14, 2016

Picture Yourself on the Booth Bus!

Pictures to the People is the manifesto of The Booth Bus, a new concept in DIY photography. “Georgia”, as the Booth Bus is named, is a one-of-a-kind Volkswagen bus custom converted into a high-end photo booth. The bus is a charming 1970 Westfalia which houses a high quality, modern photo booth. Available for rent for weddings, parties and other special events, Georgia is the perfect fusion of vintage and modern. The goal of creator Anthony Alcala is to “Achieve Busography” : the art of mixing photography with the charm of a VW bus. Party participants can expect a photo bus attendant, props (a mustache on a stick, anyone?), friends to pose with, and within seconds, duplicate 2″ x 6″ classic filmstrips that print on the spot to share with friends who missed the party via an on-bus social media kiosk. This exclusive social media feature allows guests to Facebook, Text, Email, and Tweet their hearts out.

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