Official Santa Cruz County Wildlife Guide Now Available

There are approximately 400 migratory and permanent bird species found throughout Santa Cruz County, and thousands of monarch butterflies, whales, and elephant seals which call the area home on a seasonal basis. Avid wildlife viewers now have an updated resource, thanks to Visit Santa Cruz County’s 2022 Wildlife Watching Guide.

Now in its sixth printing, the free 56-page guide is designed to help navigate the various communities adjacent to premiere birding destinations throughout the county. The guide includes information on a variety of habitats, from sandy beaches to lagoons, wetlands, and river mouths, as well as descriptions and fresh photography of some of the area’s most commonly seen birds, wildlife, and the best times of the year to view them. The Glenwood Preserve in Scotts Valley and the Byrne-Milliron Forest in Corralitos are recent additions to the guide.

Information on where and how to view wintering monarch butterflies, migrating whales, and elephant seals is also featured.  The guide provides maps of birding and wildlife hotspots, points of interest, and itineraries.

The guide is available to download and by emailing VSCC.

Memory: 22MB (8.59% of 256MB)