A new interactive attraction at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for younger guests has debuted. Lighthouse Lift-Off enables guests to shake the sand off their shoes two-by-two as riders pull the rope of the Tower, moving the double seats upwards with motorized assistance. Each passenger can decide how high they ascend, and when the rope is released, the double seat gently descends again. During the ride, the lighthouse-themed attraction rotates around its own axis, rewarding passengers with a magnificent panoramic view of the boardwalk, beach, and the Monterey Bay. Founded in 1907 as the “Coney Island of the West Coast” the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has maintained both classic and modern rides and attractions for guests throughout its 114-year history, including two national historic landmarks: the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster and the Looff Carousel.

Memory: 24MB (9.38% of 256MB)