March 2, 2021

Meeting and Conference Attendees Can Learn Corporate Leadership & Communication Skills Through Intentional Leaders

Business owners, managers, executives, and conference and meeting attendees have a unique opportunity for a teambuilding activity in Santa Cruz County. Equine-assisted teambuilding sessions with Intentional Leaders can offer attendees experience with leadership development that focuses on healthy work relationships, workplace well-being. and relationship development. Through observing a horse’s response to requests and directions, each participant learns how to communicate more clearly, manage emotions, and behave authentically thereby become more effective in the workplace. Horses provide nonjudgmental feedback by responding to a person’s intentions and thoughts conveyed through body language. New relationship-building skills are gained through these highly interactive sessions which can be applied both in the workplace and interpersonally. Intentional Leaders hosts corporate groups of six to eight participants for a one-day retreat with each guest having one-on-one time with a horse as well as time with the horses as a team. No riding is involved. Private sessions with executives are also offered. 

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