This spring, the Capitola Historical Museum will premiere its new annual exhibition entitled “Perspectives:  Capitola in the Eye of the Beholder.” Featuring a variety of perspectives: The Pioneers, The Promoters, The Sportsmen, The Pleasure Seekers, The Conventioneers, The Developers, The Artists, The Hippies, and The Residents – this new exhibit sheds light on the idea that the way we perceive a place depends on why we came there and how we interact with it. Accompanying this exhibit, a new painting by local artist Ann Thiermann and commissioned by the City of Capitola depicts Indigenous people conducting traditional fishing and foraging of sea life at what is known today as Capitola Beach. The Capitola-Soquel area in mid-county is the traditional homeland of the Aptos, Cajastaca, and Uypi peoples. The museum will continue to include Native American history and stories, past and present in all its future annual exhibitions. The admission-free museum is open Friday through Sunday from Noon to 4PM and sits in a historic bungalow in the heart of Capitola Village.

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