Whether you were born with a green thumb or you are just starting to learn how to keep your first houseplant alive, you don’t have to dig very deep to find your new sanctuary in Santa Cruz. Dig Gardens’ – a retail nursery and gift shop – storefront beckons with a beautiful façade indicative of what you will find inside. Featuring turnkey botanical décor, DIY kits, and raw materials for building your garden from scratch, Dig also offers hands-on workshops, which range from the obscure (Make Your Own Hypertufa Pot, Mount Your Own Staghorn Fern) to the commonly sought out (Orchids 101, Design Your Own Terrarium). Dig invokes a classic California feel – modern and cool – and provides inspiration through its macramé plant holders, reclaimed wood planters, bubble wall terrariums, hexagonal plant vases, vertical garden frames, and more.

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