Located a stone’s throw from one of the most renown surf spots in the United States, New Bohemia Brewing Company specializes in Czech and German style lagers While most West Coast microbreweries boast a menu heavy with IPA’s, “NuBo” brew master Dan Satterthwaite’s beer apprenticeship in Germany adds a new twist to one of Santa Cruz’s newest microbreweries. Although On Point is NuBo’s flagship brew, stouts, IPAs, porters, barrel-aged beers, reds, browns, blondes, and others are also on tap. A full range of lagers, produced using traditional European brewing techniques is also planned. A LEED-certified building using reclaimed wood, corrugated metal and a polished redwood bar is the setting for this dynamic, youth-oriented spot which houses the on-site brewery and tasting rooms on the first and second levels, which overlook Pleasure Point’s hip, vibrant scene. NuBo brews are served with a small menu of local breads, cheeses and chocolates.

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