Additional Portions of Big Basin Redwoods State Park Reopen Following Devastating Fire

Following the devastating 2020 CZU Complex Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains, small portions of three more sections of Big Basin Redwoods State Park – 97 percent of which was decimated during the fire – have now opened: an additional four miles of roads and trails.  Hikers can now explore the renovated Meteor Trail, a one-mile segment of the iconic Skyline to the Sea Trail, and dog-friendly access along the first mile of North Escape Road.  

The first mile of Sunset Trail is finishing reconstruction and is expected to open by March 2023. Redwood Loop and Dool Trail, both of which opened in the summer, are also available to visitors. Additionally, about 20 miles of multi-use fire roads near the historic park core remain open to hiking and biking.  

The amount of parking available by reservation has nearly doubled since portions of the park have reopened. The newly opened trails offer visitors more ways to explore the amazing regrowth happening since the CZU Fire.  Park visitors can witness the regrowth of the iconic trees and can also see signs of wildlife returning to the forest as it recovers, including deer, raccoon, fox, mountain lion, coyote, bats, many bird species, and other wildlife. 

Visitors will continue to be required to make a reservation online in advance to guarantee access to the limited parking area to visit the new trail segments.  Services remain limited within the park. There is no cell phone coverage, running water, or electricity. Recovery from the fire is an ongoing and long-term effort expected to take many years. 

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