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March 29, 2016

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Wellness into Your Santa Cruz County Meeting  

With a bit of advance planning and research, you can easily bring healthful elements into any meeting you’re planning for guests in Santa Cruz County.

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1. Take the scenic route

Although not always possible in metro areas, depending where your meeting is being held, you can recommend attendees take alternate routes to get there. If you’re planning a meeting in Santa Cruz County, set the tone for your guests by suggesting a scenic coastal drive along CA HWY 1. Encourage attendees to head south of San Francisco; skip the traffic (and stress) that comes with the inland route through Silicon Valley. This is a simple way to hit the reset button and get into a calm and creative mindset. Zipping past u-pick farms, coastal access points, and scenic vistas beats enduring traffic and can take as little as 10 extra minutes. Arrange a shuttle to take groups along the “Slow Coast”, or individuals can enjoy this route in their own vehicle.


2. BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks)

Encourage attendees to use a rideshare app or take advantage of the host hotel shuttle to visit a nearby specialty grocer. They can stock up on healthy, travel-friendly snacks to keep the body fueled and the mind happy. In Santa Cruz County, guests can walk just a few minutes from their hotel to arrive at an independent or organic grocer. It’s no surprise Santa Cruz was recently named the #2 Foodie City in the U.S.  Residents enjoy eating and cooking well, which means guests will enjoy a variety of high-end, independent markets and dining at top-notch restaurants. No need to hit the fast food chains when there are abundant local, sustainable, and wholesome options in close proximity. Offering the best selections of juices, teas, fresh produce, and snacks, these markets supply old favorites or new discoveries.


3. Get moving outdoors

Remind your meeting guests to pack walking shoes and seek out trails and paths near the meeting hotel location. Making time to sneak away for a quick change of scenery outdoors can be incredibly rejuvenating. It also offers a great chance for attendees to get to know their colleagues better. With 14 state parks & beaches county-wide and a temperate year-round climate, any meeting location in Santa Cruz County will have quick and easy access to beautiful redwood forest trails, beach bluffs, and sandy shores. The abundant natural surrounds can be the pick-me-up needed for getting through back to back seminars, or reason enough to stay a day or so extra to enjoy.


4. Treat yourself

Santa Cruz is home to a plethora of spas and studios to get one into the wellness mindset. It’s no surprise the city scores high on the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, demonstrating residents’ sense of community purpose and physical health. Sure, a body treatment can be luxurious and rewarding, but many local practitioners consider regular massages part of maintaining overall health and well-being. Your meeting guests can skip the massage, but still find restorative and relaxing benefits by enjoying an hour in a soaking tub or sauna, visiting a serene tea house, or perhaps trying a yoga class. There are plenty of studios across the county, with many offering introductory specials, or check with your hotel – they may have classes available onsite!


5. Meditate on it

Meditation, even in small doses, has been found to help people perform better in their personal and professional lives. The art of calming one’s thoughts and focusing on the moment for a set amount of time fosters a connection and awareness of the physical and mental selves. This practice can make business meetings more productive and less stressful for participants.  And hotels are taking notice! One Santa Cruz County property’s renovation plans include adding meditation alcoves in the guestrooms, featuring touches that make mediation easy: Zen inspired mats, soft lighting, and flameless candles. If your meeting location doesn’t offer these items, encourage attendees to bring a few things from home to help set the scene for mediation during their trip. Santa Cruz County is also home to retreat centers that offer guided mediation sessions, which are great for teambuilding or individuals.   There’s no need for your meeting guests to become master yogis, mediate for hours, or eat a strict organic/vegan diet, unless of course that’s your jam! Incorporating even just one of these healthful tips into your next meeting event can have a positive impact on your guest’s enjoyment and productivity levels.   Need more inspiration? Visit Santa Cruz County is happy to help!

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