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May 29, 2015

Beauty & the Bluff at Seascape Beach Resort…Thoughtful Thursday

Seascape Beach Resort boasts some pretty spectacular views. This bluff shot happens to be one of our favorite vistas and we sure aren’t the only ones. Check out this stunning shot taken by the talented local photographer, Ben Ingram, who calls it his “favorite wedding venue to shoot.” But you don’t have to tie the knot (or

May 22, 2015

#PajaroDunesResort on Instagram…Thoughtful Thursday

Pajaro Dunes Resort is a peaceful and pristine slice of Santa Cruz County heaven. The oceanfront homes and condos are just steps away from private and secluded beaches that are sure to do good for the soul. Take a peek at the unique seaside resort as we look at a recent vacation to Pajaro Dunes by Instagram

April 30, 2015

Train & Trestle at Roaring Camp…Thoughtful Thursday

DID YOU KNOW…That Roaring Camp Railroads‘ Indian Creek Trestle, which is shaped like a horseshoe loop, is the tightest turning railroad bridge in the United States! It is a 66% loop and when riding the train you can get a visual of the loop from the front or rear cars. Be sure to put a