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November 7, 2015

Explore Midtown

Like the Westside and Pleasure Point, Midtown is one of Santa Cruz’s many distinct, charming neighborhoods. Follow Soquel Avenue across the San Lorenzo River from Downtown and discover a bustling, walk-able corridor of boutiques, eateries and some of the city’s most beloved mainstays. Wikipedia will tell you that Midtown spans a large swath of town between the San

August 10, 2015


All photos by Garrick Ramirez Ten miles north of Santa Cruz lies the quaint, 19th century coastal town of Davenport. Perched on dramatic coastal bluffs, the tiny town is home to huge scenery and historic buildings filled with contemporary eateries. Here’s what you’ll enjoy on a quick stroll through the cozy hamlet. Whale City Bakery

May 21, 2015

What’s in Bloom

Recognize this cheery flower? It’s the Escholtzia Californica, aka, the California Poppy as seen at the wonderful UC Santa Cruz Arboretum Photos by Garrick Ramirez except where noted Here’s a colorful post to brighten your day: a virtual tour of the many flowers in blossom throughout Santa Cruz. The county’s vibrant floral displays are peacocking

November 17, 2014

The Cook’s Bookcase: A Book Lover & Chef’s Dream

If you love books, you can imagine how fun it would be to have a bookshop all to yourself. Liz Pollock, owner of the Cook’s Bookcase, let me live that dream by inviting me into her cozy home store that specializes in food literature of all kinds. Having grown up with food (“Julia Child was

September 10, 2014

Pleasure Point

Did you know that Pleasure Point — a delightful Santa Cruz neighborhood and famed surf spot — actually earned its hedonistic moniker from the area’s Prohibition-era shenanigans? I always thought it was because of the neighborhood’s pleasing sea-kissed air, scenic vistas and sunny surf town demeanor. Either way, this little corner of Santa Cruz is