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February 5, 2016

Get Out and Enjoy the Weather!

I’m as happy as the next Californian for all this rain, but seeing that 7 day forecast full of sunshine icons & 70 degree days has me on another level of happy. Here are a few of my favorite things to do on those warm, sunny days in Santa Cruz:

January 20, 2015

Rocket’s Guide to Pet-Friendly Santa Cruz

Meet Rocket.Picture: Garrick Ramirez Rocket is a fetching Rhodesian Ridgeback and proud Santa Cruz local. You may also recognize him as one of the stars of our 2013 Travelers Guide. Rocket was adopted in 2010 by Lori Siegmund and her spouse Howard Sherer – the publisher of our guide – after being rescued by the

January 8, 2015

Fan Photo of the Week

There’s just something about sunsets in Santa Cruz County. Seeing the vibrant hues saturate before your eyes is one of those beautiful things that seem to make any day a good one. Another nice addition to a great sunset are some silhouettes. Whether it’s dogs running on the beach, kids splashing in the waves or

November 14, 2014

Fan Photo of the Week

This week’s Fan Photo Feature is a actually a collection of some recent “too adorable not to share” photos of dogs having their day in Santa Cruz County. From boating to boarding, these pooches know how to have a good time in Santa Cruz. Remember to Pack Your Bags with the Pooch when you visit