Santa Cruz County remains in the Purple Tier.


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Santa Cruz Area Hospitality Heroes

As Santa Cruz County continues to endure the CZU August Lightning Complex Fire, heartbreaking images have emerged showing fire ravaged homes, fleeing wildlife, devastated Redwood forests, damaged infrastructure – and even an image from outer space showing the smoked filled skies blanketing the State of California. Thousands of evacuees have been displaced and lives have

What You Need to Know to Visit Santa Cruz County

We ask anyone planning a trip to Santa Cruz County to please take The Safety Pledge to protect others and yourself by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. In addition to the Pledge, we’ve gathered some need-to-know information for a responsible and safe visit to Santa Cruz County. From safety guidelines and restrictions to

COVID Travel Advisory for Santa Cruz County

For now, travel to Santa Cruz County is not advised. As we shelter-in-place during this unprecedented time in history, the primary concern of Visit Santa Cruz County is for the health, safety, and welfare of our locals, visitors, and fans. We are all gathering strength from one another, and from the memories we have of time spent