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November 28, 2018


The wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation region rank among the best in the country. The tasting experience is unique in local wineries as well, where wine makers are in the tasting room with visitors, allowing for a more personal wine tasting experience. A unique microclimate, with warm, sunny days and cool foggy nights

November 28, 2018

Wine Tasting in Santa Cruz County

The Santa Cruz Mountains are known for their exceptional wines. The small production vineyards, the passionate, and often present, vintners, and the area’s varying climate give the region a truly unique tasting experience. Santa Cruz County is the perfect destination to raise a glass, but with over 70 wineries and tasting rooms, it may be hard to know where to begin. Take a

November 28, 2018


Santa Cruz has a remarkable number of ways to indulge your sweet tooth. When in town, I’ll rationalize a stop at one of the following spots for an afternoon pick-me-up. Like Jerry Seinfeld recently commented on his way to a cronut shop, sweets are like “mini vacations in your stressful day.” Here then are five

November 14, 2018

Dining with World-Class Views

With miles of Monterey Bay coastline and monumental redwood forests, you’re never far from an inspiring view in Santa Cruz County. And, nothing pairs better with a view than good food and drink. Below are five spots that deliver all three: SHADOWBROOK This destination restaurant is enveloped by nature. The original building began as a log cabin summer home alongside the

November 4, 2018

Meet Your Farmer: Live Earth Farm

Packed full of colorful vendor stands, Santa Cruz farmers markets can feel like a riot of vibrant flowers, fruits, and veggies. Yet, hidden behind each stack of romanesco broccoli is a local farm with a story to tell. One example is Live Earth Farm, a market mainstay that lures tote-wielding foodies with fresh organic produce. Get to know them better, and you’ll discover they offer a lot more than sweet berries and succulent tomatoes, including a dreamy countryside property with farm stand, kids camps, and seasonal U-pick events.