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The Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market

photo courtesy Rachel Endsley Santa Cruz County boasts some pretty spectacular farmer’s markets and the mountain town of Scotts Valley is no exception. Offering an abundant mix of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, pasture-raised meats, artisan breads, and more, the market is a great way to support local farms and enjoy the healthiest and tastiest

Meet Your Farmer: Live Earth Farm

Packed full of colorful vendor stands, Santa Cruz farmers markets can feel like a riot of vibrant flowers, fruits, and veggies. Yet, hidden behind each stack of romanesco broccoli is a local farm with a story to tell. One example is Live Earth Farm, a market mainstay that lures tote-wielding foodies with fresh organic produce. Get to know them better, and you’ll discover they offer a lot more than sweet berries and succulent tomatoes, including a dreamy countryside property with farm stand, kids camps, and seasonal U-pick events.

This is How We Farmer’s Market

There are farmers’ markets and then there are farmers’ markets. No one does them better than Santa Cruz. Our markets are festive, colorful events that bring locals and visitors together over a shared love of good food. Even with the Monterey Bay and majestic redwoods, the area’s most vivid beauty can often be found at the market.