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The Scotts Valley Farmer’s Market

photo courtesy Rachel Endsley Santa Cruz County boasts some pretty spectacular farmer’s markets and the mountain town of Scotts Valley is no exception. Offering an abundant mix of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, pasture-raised meats, artisan breads, and more, the market is a great way to support local farms and enjoy the healthiest and tastiest

This is How We Farmer’s Market

There are farmers’ markets and then there are farmers’ markets. No one does them better than Santa Cruz. Our markets are festive, colorful events that bring locals and visitors together over a shared love of good food. Even with the Monterey Bay and majestic redwoods, the area’s most vivid beauty can often be found at the market.

Meet the Chefs, Winemakers, and Gardeners Behind Your Next Santa Cruz Meal

By Molly Ressler

Santa Cruz County boasts acres of beautiful farmland, from pumpkin patches and strawberry fields to vineyards and apple orchards. Even though we might pass by one of these crops when driving north towards Davenport or south through Watsonville, for most of us, farmland stays on the outskirts of our imagination. We rarely know which plot of land our food came from, much less the farmer who grew it.

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