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Pajaro Dunes Resort Inspires Rest and Rejuvenation

About a half-hour south of Santa Cruz, at the end of a long road lined with strawberry fields, exists a secluded coastal treasure known as Pajaro Dunes Resort. Nestled among this gated community of vacation rentals and residential property, sits an array of condominiums, townhouses and oceanfront homes along a sprawling, flat, pristine beach.

Pajaro Dunes Resort, currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, provides the peaceful backdrop and natural surroundings for endless vacation and meeting possibilities: a wedding overlooking the lagoon, a retreat warmed by a stone fireplace, a simple, yet humbling, staycation. Companies seeking to boost morale and creativity can follow in the footsteps of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, who chose Pajaro Dunes as the inspirational setting for brainstorming conferences.

Unique in both design and decor, each fully furnished property features the comforts of home without the distractions. That home away from home feeling is further enhanced by the small details: collections of books and board games, a chessboard displayed near a window overlooking the ocean. All of it saying, “Slow down, put that to-do list away and enjoy some quality time with one another.”

On the flip side, activities for all ages abound. Walking, hiking, biking, tennis, volleyball, basketball and even a ropes course are available for recreation and team building. Two miles of cool, sandy, private beach invite long strolls, collecting shells and sand dollars by day and enjoying the warmth of a bonfire by night. Birding enthusiasts will enjoy the area’s diverse wild bird population in and around Watsonville Slough Watershed and the mouth of the Pajaro River.

No matter how long your stay at Pajaro Dunes Resort, expect to take deep breaths of fresh ocean air and feel replenished once again. Join the many families and businesses that return year after year to take advantage of one of Santa Cruz County’s best kept secrets.