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Chaminade Resort + Spa: A Guide to a Perfect Pooch Day!

All Photos by Rachel Endsley

If you follow the Visit Santa Cruz County page, you’ve probably heard about Chaminade Resort and Spa and its stunning hilltop setting. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have stayed, spa-dayed, dined, or attended a special event, you know firsthand about the unforgettable Monterey Bay and mountain views. I’m definitely no stranger to the resort as it’s one of my favorite spots for meetings, sunset cocktails, and special occasion dinners, but I have to admit, before my most recent visit, I had never brought my pup along for the experience! Check out my guide to treating yourself AND your pup to a perfect Santa Cruz day at this dreamy pet-friendly locale.

There are no bad seats when it comes to the patio at Linwood’s, Chaminade’s pooch-friendly onsite restaurant. Umbrellaed tables overlook gorgeous green hills and ocean views on the horizon. Sit down and your pup will happily plop at your feet – or for you Vizsla owners, in your lap. The friendly staff is quick to bring out a water bowl for their special 4-legged guests.

Pro Tip: On those clearer days, look closely at the ocean and you just might see sailboats. The Santa Cruz Harbor is in view, so on Wednesdays there will be a lot of activity with the Sailboat Races! As locals, we had a blast identifying landmarks on the coastline while sipping on our cocktails and ice teas.

When I say Chaminade has “pet-friendly dining”, I don’t just mean dogs are allowed on the patio, I mean they have their very own menu! My Hungarian Vizsla, Copper, may be thin, but he knows his way around the dinner table. We decided to go with the “Pup Cake,” a delicious looking carrot cupcake with peanut butter icing, served with two large slices of bacon. Copper scarfed down the bacon and moved right on to the pup cake. He enjoyed every bite and I could tell he was in awe that we were letting him eat something so special! (And yes, we did end up putting it on the ground for him to enjoy.)

Our friends brought their pups, Theo and Tyson, and they had the “Sensational Salmon” and the “Raw Mutt Balls”. We were all eyeballing the perfectly cooked salmon which looked like it was supposed to be served on the table for us.

Pro Tip: The portions were a pretty good size for our medium to large sized dogs, so if you’re packing a little pooch, just keep in mind you might end up needing a doggy bag (literally).

That post-great meal, ‘I’m at a beautiful resort; I don’t want to leave’ feeling might set in and that’s totally okay. There’s still more to explore! Try out 3+ miles of onsite trails that take you through eucalyptus and redwoods with stunning mountain views.

Pro Tip: Keep your pup leashed, keep the trail clean and, like much of Santa Cruz County, watch out for poison oak.

Make it a full on vacay and stay a while like these two terriers, Broxie and Harry, from the Bay Area. The recently renovated resort has plenty of pet-friendly accommodations, and as you can see, Chaminade will take good care of you and your furry family!

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