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August 21, 2018

Surfing is Now California's Official Sport

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It's totally official! Surfing is California's official sport, thanks to legislation signed by Governor Jerry Brown this week. Not only was the sport introduced in Santa Cruz in 1885 by Hawaiian royalty, wetsuit pioneer and local legend Jack O'Neill helped put the sport on the map with his innovative designs. AB1782 even name-checks Steamer Lane as a world-class surf break. Now wave-riding joins - among other things - the golden poppy as the official state flower and the California redwood as the official state tree.


August 01, 2018

Visit Elkhorn Slough

Photo courtesy of @hannahbauh Photo courtesy of @hannahbauh
Have you been to Elkhorn Slough? This peaceful reserve is full of beauty and wildlife, plus you can choose how to explore, via waterways or on-foot on the 5 miles of trails. Check out these inspiring photos taken at this natural wonder and plan your own visit to Elkhorn Slough!


July 31, 2018

24th Annual Watsonville Strawberry Festival

Some might consider strawberries to be one of the crown jewels of Watsonville and we'd have to agree! These ruby red treats are grown throughout the year, and it's no wonder we take a full weekend to celebrate our love for all things strawberry!


July 10, 2018

The Ultimate Wildlife Watching Guide to Santa Cruz County

Photo by Lisa Fay Larson

Santa Cruz is known for its phenomenal wildlife viewing opportunities. Year round whale watching, birding, otters and elephant seals, and seasonal monarch butterflies have put Santa Cruz County on the map for nature enthusiasts! And now, visitors and locals can have a new and improved Santa Cruz County Wildlife Watching Guide right in their own hands - for free


May 21, 2018

3 Reasons to Spring to the Capitola Village

The Capitola Village is one of the oldest seaside resorts on the Pacific Coast and remains a mecca for travelers looking for a picturesque, quaint, and relaxing vacation destination. With a front row seat to the Monterey Bay, the Capitola Village offers a variety of shops and eateries, historical and colorful architecture, and exciting coastal activities. The Village undoubtedly has year-round appeal, but this spring and summer there are some new additions, seasonal favorites, and fun events you won’t want to miss!


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