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May 25, 2012

Catching a Wave

With its clean lines, classic template and iconic silhouette the longboard is a major component to surfing history. Today the ride is efficient, smooth and fluid due in part to the use of lighter materials and revised design concepts. Currently, classic longboards are made from materials such as polyurethane foam and fiberglass, and are typically 9-10 feet long usually with a single fin. With the increase in surface area, you are more stable, safer and can catch waves more easily. They are the ideal beginner board. During the learning stages a soft-top is highly recommended to help cushion those inevitable spills. Even though the longboard has become associated with the beginner rider, don’t assume that’s all that it can do. While the longboard is easier to learn on, it is far harder to master. When you watch an expert ride out a long smooth wave you can appreciate the finesse and grace mastered in turning the board. It truly is a different way of riding and an art form in itself. This Memorial Day weekend, riders from all over the state will be making their way to Steamer Lane at Lighthouse Point for the 28th Annual Santa Cruz Longboard Club Invitational. This is the west coast’s longest running competitive surfing event and will be featuring over 100 contestants including amateur and pro riders. Not a surfer, no problem, their will be food, vendors as well as a raffle for locally crafted boards. Proceeds from this event will benefit Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services and Ride-a-Wave Foundation, Inc as well as the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. Looking to try out the sport or perhaps make the leap to finally purchasing your first board, well you came to the right place. With so many great resources, shops, instructors and waves in the area, Santa Cruz is the best place to learn to surf. Ensuring you start off on the right foot, it’s a good idea to sign up for a lesson. We recommend checking out Richard Schmidt Surf School or Surf with Club Ed both of which teach wave safety, surfing etiquette and paddling skills. In no time you will be catching your first waves. Already confident with the basics, checkout O’Neill Surf Shop where you can rent a suit and board for the day. Also be sure to ask about their selection of boards, which includes renowned shapers such as Stretch and Stewart. Whether you are a local or visitor to Santa Cruz, there are no excuses, it’s time to get on a board and enjoy the surf.      


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  • Noelia Shader 2 years 243 days ago
    I've always been scared of skateboarding, I guess that's because I suck in it. Really. I can never keep my balance. :D But those videos just made me want to go with the flow on a longboard! I thing I'll try a little bit some day. :)

  • cottage rental ontario 6 years 75 days ago
    Excellent tips.Really useful stuff .Never had an idea about this, will look for more of such informative posts from your side.

  • Ed Guzman Club Ed Surf School and Camps 6 years 83 days ago
    Thanks for mentioning Club Ed Surf School and Camps in your article. Yes we do teach our students all of the right skills for safety, etiquette and surfing techniques. And yes, people get up and ride soon after they enter the water. For beginners we only use all soft surfboards. We have them especially made for beginners to have a safe and easy time cruising on the rolling waves. We have made them long, thick and wide for adults and big teens and have thinner softboards for smaller kids and young teens. Softops are a brand made by Surftech that are just that, soft tops. The rest of the surfboard is hard epoxy fiberglass, including the fiberglass fin; not soft. This is a very important safety note, as beginners generally don't know the difference until they get hit by their surfboard or run someone else over. WBesides Surfing lessons,we also rent Soft Surfboard and Wetsuits at our Club Ed Blue Beach Trailer on Cowell Beach, on the right side of the Santa Cruz Wharf in front of the Dream Inn Hotel. We also do Stand Up Paddle lessons and rentals there too. Please call us if you would like professional guidance and/or instruction.Have fun and be safe.
    Sea Ya,Ed
    Club Ed Surf School and Camps
    Santa Cruz, California.
    Information: 831-464-0177