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April 10, 2017

My Weekend in Santa Cruz - April 7th thru 9th

Rainy forecasts turned to surprisingly sunny days helped this weekend feel a little more special. Check out a few of our favorite weekend views from around Santa Cruz County and let them inspire your next visit! 

WEEKEND OF April 7 thru April 9

Flowery beach scenes and a grand sunrise are just a few of this weekend’s best shots from South County.

"Flowers go wild at the beach" - @just1moretrip at Manresa State Beach

"#sunrsie over Watsonville." - @tomadamian at Pajaro Dunes Resort 

Blooming West Cliff Drive is capturing the whole "spring in Santa Cruz" vibe to a T. Definitely not a bad view for all those who participated in the Santa Cruz 1/2 Marathon on Sunday!

"Spring walk on West Cliff" - @epic.knight

"Wouldn't be the weekend if I didn't go for a walk on West Cliff and get a quesadilla from @steamerlanesupply" - @wineandcats

The next few are from the Forest of Nisene Marks in Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz. All the rain has done the forest good and some people are taking full advantage of weekend hiking adventures!

"The most relaxing sounds" - @brigrams

"I found a swing in the forest" - @__kesey__marie

Rain may have ushered in the weekend, but once the sun came, it was here to stay. And with the clear weather, Downtown Santa Cruz made the perfect outdoor weekend locale.

"Check out the #quilt mural going up at the #santacruzmah" - @k__ibarra at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

"It's a little sunday funday in the Cruz :)" - @ms_lilyj at Assembly

Be sure to share your photos with us for possible feature on our blog and social media channels! Use #VisitSantaCruz anytime, and for those weekend adventures, use #MyWeekendInSantaCruz! Hope to see you soon!

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