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February 21, 2017

Winter Cha-Cha-Changes at Seacliff State Beach

Photo by Instagram, @marjimunneke

Winter storms have done quite a number on the county this year. Mudslides, road closures, fallen trees, rising rivers, and an ever changing coastline are just a few of nature's power moves we've witnessed in the last few months. Seacliff State Beach alone has seen a lot of changes, and although the famed SS Palo Alto has taken a beating, there's also been some glorious winter beach views as a result of all this weather. See some recent Seacliff favorites and be sure to share your Santa Cruz winter views with us by tagging @VisitSantaCruz on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Photo by Instagram, @lisatphotos

Photo by Instagram, @rockstarbryan

Photo by Instagram, @herrokiwi

Photo by Instagram, @hushvisions

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