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September 26, 2016

FREE Open Studios Art Tour 2016

Fall has officially begun and that means Open Studios are just around the corner! This fall favorite has been bringing artists and art fans together for over 30 years. Imagine 278 artists opening their studios and workspace to the public to view their craft and process, while giving visitors the chance to buy direct from the artist's hands. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with many of Santa Cruz County's talented artists! And a big bonus for this year - the Open Studios Art Tour Guide and App are FREE! So no excuses, experience the vibrant artists and work they are creating. See event info below and a little sampling of some of the creations featured this year.

Photo courtesy of @hannahbauh Photo courtesy of Arts Council Santa Cruz County - Artist, Elaine Pinkernell


Studios are divided between North and South County (with the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor as the dividing point). October 1st & 2nd features South County artists, October 8th & 9th features North County Artists, and October 15th & 16th is an All County weekend that features select artists in both North and South County. Each day, studios are open from 11am – 5pm.

The 2016 Tour features 278 artists working in dozens of mediums – painting, printmaking, clay, glass, wearable art and more. 

There are many ways to chart your tour and they’re all FREE!
1.    Pick up the FREE Artist Guide alongside the September 21st issue of Good Times. 
2.    Pick up a FREE Artist Guide at outlets throughout Santa Cruz County. Visit for a detailed outlet list.
3.    Download the FREE 2016 Open Studios Art Tour App – available now on iTunes & Google Play.
4.    Preview the 2016 Guide for FREE online.


Maggie Renner Hellmann #85: "I majored in Illustration and Design at SJSU and studied all the Fine Art I could get my hands on, as I love everything about exploring and creativity! The classical training of Illustration gave me a wonderful solid foundation when I transitioned to making my living from Fine Art painting. Now I get to paint from my heart which has beckoned me all along! What a blessing - I feel being able to live here and create! Big Thanks to the Arts Council and all of  Santa Cruz!"

Photo courtesy of @j.c.l.n Photo courtesy of Arts Council Santa Cruz County - Artist, Maggie Renner Hellmann

Sarah Bianco #172: "My art has evolved a lot over the years. I've always painted and my work used to be abstract oil paintings, by way of process painting. Then the figure in motion entered the paintings within the abstract landscapes, either jumping, falling, diving...feeling freedom and emotion. Lately I have been working on my canvas drop cloths that I use for my commercial painting business. The elements of figurative abstract paintings are still there, but have a more defined narrative, while still expressing emotion. The palate has changed over the years as well."

Photo courtesy of @mattpaynetravelwriter Photo courtesy of Arts Council of Santa Cruz County - Artist, Sarah Bianco

These artists are just the beginning! Get all the info you need at the Arts Council Santa Cruz County website and start planning your route! 

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