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July 07, 2016

Trail Guide: Goat Rock at Castle Rock SP

I love using Instagram as a way to get inspired for travels and adventures. A quick location search and I can see a slew of current (sometimes practically live) photos of spots I’m looking to explore. On my latest hunt for a good hike I searched Castle Rock State Park and kept seeing these amazing boulders and grand vistas that I knew I wanted to see for myself. Take a peek at these Castle Rock photos - and more specifically, Goat Rock Trail photos - and get inspired for your next adventure!

Photo by Instagram, @madamericano Photo by Instagram, @madamericano


Photo by Instagram, @haleyrose620 Photo by Instagram, @haleyrose620


Photo by Instagram, @alyeecali Photo by Instagram, @alyeecali

Check out this Yelp review by Vinay M. of Santa Clara:

...keeping it views of this park:
  1. Why hadn't i visited this park before?
  2. Nature at its best..pristine and raw
  3. Rock climbing in the wilderness
  4. Cliff on one side of mud paved trail path
  5. Wonderful rock shapes and cool views
  6. Shades under green(algae) covered redwoods
  7. Again, Why hadn't i visited this park before?
  1. Arrive early (by 7 am). Roadside free parking for nearly 20 cars
  2. Hiking shoes. Anti-skid kind
  3. Keep it clean. Nature has done its job well, so should we.
  4. Keep going on the trail. That rock is not the dead end.
Enjoy it when you get a chance.

Additional info and facts about Castle Rock State Park:
Features 5,242 acres of parkland, 35 miles of hiking trails, two backpacking campgrounds and some equestrian trails. No dogs. 2.5 miles SE of Saratoga Gap (Hwy 9 and Hwy 35).

Castle Rock State Park
15000 Skyline Blvd.
Los Gatos, CA 95033
Phone: 408.867.2952 831.338.8861 (Backpacking Reservations)

Open 6am to sunset

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