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June 30, 2016

SUP Santa Cruz!

Photo courtesy of @supshacksc #SquadGoals | Photo courtesy of @supshacksc

Have you tried stand up paddle boarding - better known as SUP? Let these photos inspire you to take to the Monterey Bay and enjoy a day exploring over the open water! 

Photo courtesy of @covewatersup Photo courtesy of @covewatersup


Photo courtesy of @kayakconnection Photo courtesy of @kayakconnection


Photo courtesy of @supshacksc Photo courtesy of @supshacksc

As if the photos weren’t enough, check out these facts about the gorgeous Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary:

  • The Monterey Bay submarine canyon is larger than the Grand Canyon.
  • The sanctuary contains our nation's largest kelp forests and one of North America's largest underwater canyons and closest-to-shore deep ocean environments.
  • Its diverse marine ecosystem also includes rugged rocky shores, wave-swept sandy beaches and tranquil estuaries.
  • There’s a variety of marine life, including 34 species of marine mammals, more than 180 species of seabirds and shorebirds, at least 525 species of fishes, and an abundance of invertebrates and algae.
  • It’s known as the "Serengeti of the Sea".

Facts via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 

Photo courtesy of @capitolabeach Photo courtesy of @capitolabeach

Ready to try SUP in the Monterey Bay?

Here’s who to call to rent your gear and/or get a lesson: Capitola Beach Company, Capitola Village  Club Ed International Surf School, Camps & Rentals, Cowell’s Beach in front of the Santa Cruz Dream Inn Cove Water Stand Up Paddle, Water Street, Santa Cruz  Kayak Connection, Santa Cruz Harbor  Stand Up Paddle New Brighton, Capitola SUP Shack LLC, Santa Cruz Harbor  Venture Quest Kayaking, Santa Cruz Wharf


For more information and educational exhibits on conservation, wildlife, and protection of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, be sure to visit the Exploration Center and the Seymour Center.  

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