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November 16, 2011

Rainy Weather? Take ‘Em Bowling!


Need a Rainy Day/Winter activity? Bowling is the perfect family - fun solution! Our resident kids and family blogger, Christine Candelaria delivers another great piece below!

The hard thing about celebrating a child's birthday in winter is planning around the weather. That's why my family has an annual tradition of going bowling for my son's November birthday celebration. Of course, once the rainy season hits, we go bowling just to celebrate getting out of the house! Bowling is one of those recreational sports that transcends age. Little kids look adorable in bowling shoes and they can bowl with the gutter rails up! Older kids start catching on quickly that bowling, for adults, is all about personal rituals and celebratory dance moves when you bowl a strike. It's the perfect activity for the entire family to cheer each other on. I bowled with my family as a kid, so it's always nice to introduce my kids to something "classic" that we did in the olden days. Only now, bowling has modernized to include some pretty nifty features such as light shows, dance music, and movie nights. During the months of November and December, Santa Cruz's Boardwalk Bowl has a great special. Not only can you bowl for free (shoe rental not included), you can bowl for a worthy cause. Help "Strike Out Hunger" by bringing in a can of food to be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz. One can equals one free game and a whole lot of family fun. Of course, in my opinion, it’s always bowling season!  


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  • Tata 2 years 312 days ago
    Lauryn and Court these pictures are auoslbtely beautiful and something you can cherish forever!! I wish you two happiness forever.. Cant' wait to come down and help you and get everything together for that special day. Is there anyway Dad and I could buy a picture??Love you both, Mom

  • Christine@TheAums 6 years 277 days ago
    We just decided to go mini-golfing on Saturday! My kids love the pirate theme at Neptune's Kingdom.

  • Nicole Jacobs 6 years 278 days ago
    Cool--something new to try and supporting a great cause at the same time! We also like the mini-golf and arcade right near there.