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June 29, 2016

Santa Cruz County 4th of July: Safety and Cleanup

Santa Cruz County beaches will host thousands of visitors over the 4th of July weekend. In fact, it marks the busiest beach weekend of the season! In an effort to protect and preserve our beautiful county, violators who disrespect the beaches will be subject to "Triple Fines". Read more below about specific violations of the Municipal Code that will be subject to a fine of as much as $1,305 with fees. Please be safe, have fun, and respect this beautiful county!


Via the Santa Cruz Police Department: The Santa Cruz Police Department will be proactively enforcing all violations that have been designated for triple fines under the Safety Enhancement Zone, including the following violations of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code:

  • Fireworks
  • Possession of Open Containers or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Public Places
  • Discharge of Firearms
  • Graffiti
  • Defacing Sidewalks
  • Noise Violations
  • Trespassing
  • Conduct on Public Property
  • Urinating/Defecating in Public

If you witness illegal fireworks being discharged or any of the violations listed above, the Santa Cruz Police Department strongly encourages you to call 9-1-1 immediately to report the incident. Our patrol teams will be busy, but we will respond to complaints of illegal fireworks. We ask that you are willing to assist us by identifying and signing a complaint against the person(s) responsible. This means the person in possession of the fireworks or the one responsible for putting flame to fuse. We also ask you be willing to testify in court, if necessary. With the increased fire danger this year, we are relying on our partnership with the community to keep us all safe this 4th of July.

City of Santa Cruz Launches Outreach Campaign and Beach Toy Recycling Program 
City officials recently launched a robust outreach campaign to encourage residents and visitors to properly discard their trash when visiting City beaches. This initiative includes a brand new beach toy recycling program. The efforts are designed to keep all Santa Cruz beaches free of trash throughout the summer, with a special focus on Main Beach where crowds are largest.

Click here to read more and learn what you can do to help!

Local organization, Save Our Shores, will also be hosting multiple beach cleanups over the weekend and the days following. This is a great effort by a local entity to ensure the safety and well being of our community. Last year, 182 volunteers removed nearly 3,000 pounds of trash from 11 Hotspot beaches across the Monterey Bay in just two hours. Cleanups are happening in both Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties on July 5th. Cleanups are happening rain or shine! If you are interested in joining our Star Spangled Beach Cleanup efforts, simply show up the day of to participate or contact

To see all of the volunteer opportunities, click here.

Individual and small group volunteers are welcome. Save Our Shores provides all necessary supplies, and encourages volunteers to bring their own reusable buckets, gloves, and water bottles. 

To register as a volunteer, please fill out the form here.

Beaches included in this initiative are:
Davenport Main Beach, Cowell and Main Beach, Seabright State Beach, Twin Lakes State Beach, Sunny Cove Beach, Rio Del Mar Beach and more.

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