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June 06, 2016

This is How We Cruz: Annie Pautsch of Brew Cruz Tours Us Around Santa Cruz [VIDEOS]

Group pic at SC Mountain Brewing That's a wrap! Finishing up filming at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Company.

To bring to life some of great stories and places you’ll find in Santa Cruz, we created a pair of videos that highlight some of our most captivating residents. You’ll see us drink beer with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, toast with New Bohemia Brewing Co. owner Dan Satterthwaite, and explore downtown’s bustling farmer's market with restaurateur Zach Davis and the director of Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets, Nesh Dhillon. For our host, we tapped Annie Pautsch, owner of Santa Cruz’s beloved beer tour company Brew Cruz. Annie shuttled us around town in a tricked-out school bus that she affectionately refers to as ‘Betty Jane.’

Annie Pautsch Photo Credit Garrick Ramirez Annie Pautsch Photo by Garrick Ramirez

“It’s been nearly two years since I transformed the bus and I still have a huge smile every time I get behind the wheel,” Annie says. “There are great connections between the passengers and folks watching us cruise by. Lots of friendly honks, shockabras, and peace signs!”

Annie and The Derby Girls On set with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls.

As for lacing up skates and getting on the rink with the Derby Girls in the videos? “It was a reminder that I hadn't skated in a really long time,” she confesses. “My legs were shaky so I just crouched down and let the Derby Girls push me around the rink. It takes tremendous athleticism to do what they do!”

The videos were produced by Mering Carson, the creative team who helped develop our new logo and makes us look good. The videos will premiere at a This is How We Cruz special event that we’re hosting with Event Santa Cruz on June 8th at the historic Rio Theatre in Midtown. In anticipation of the event, we asked Annie to share some of her insider tips to life in this dynamic coastal town.

West Cliff Sunset Photo Credit Garrick Ramirez West Cliff Sunset Photo Credit Garrick Ramirez

You cover a lot of scenic ground on the Brew Cruz. What’s your favorite view in town?
West Cliff Drive during 'magic hour' is amazing.

What beach are we most likely to find you at?
I grew up on Seabright Beach and it still has my heart, but a nice evening in Sunny Cove is also pretty great.

What’s your favorite ride Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

Share a hidden gem in Santa Cruz
I love the DeLaveaga disc golf course on a weeknight with good friends.

Nesh Zach Annie at NuBo Behind the scenes at New Bohemia Brewing Company

In the videos, you chatted with Zach Davis who co-owns a number of great local eateries including Assembly. What’s your usual order there?
Definitely the Scotch Olives and whatever new beer they have on tap.

And your favorite flavor at the Penny Ice Creamery?
Fresh mint ice cream topped with hot donut balls!

What about a favorite find at our local farmer's markets?
You can't beat the samosas with the variety of dipping sauces. I also love to try samples of seasonal fruits and stock up on fresh kale or lettuce for salads.

What Derby Girl player are you rooting for this year?
Unleashed! Not only is she a dear friend, but her commitment to derby and her team as well as her self-transformation over the last two years has been incredibly inspiring.

We love NuBo's Tuesday Trivia night. Any other fun brewery events we should know about?
Since my few days off are usually on a Monday or Tuesday, I love movie night with happy hour beers at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. They always choose the best classics!

Brew Cruz Bus Photo Credit Garrick Ramirez

Okay, lastly, what’s the best introduction to Santa Cruz’s booming craft beer scene?
If you're with a group, you can't beat taking a Brew Cruz! If you're exploring on your own, I'd recommend using the interactive map on Santa Cruz Beer Trail. It's updated regularly with what’s on tap at each brewery. It's full of local flavor, history, and beer offerings at all the best breweries. Check out the full videos and learn about the people and places that make Santa Cruz so one-of-a-kind awesome.


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