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September 01, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Santa Cruz in London!

With the big Labor Day Weekend coming up, we wanted to feature a video for this special Thoughtful Thursday! While we can bask in the Santa Cruz sun and enjoy the many activities in the county this weekend, Londoners get to experience Santa Cruz by film! The Santa Cruz County CVC has partnered with the California Travel and Tourism Commission as well as Future Cinema to bring the  exciting cinematic experience, "California Classics" to London's Canary Wharf!  Thousands of fans have purchased tickets to watch the 80's cult classic Lost Boys on September 3rd in London.  The film screening will be infused with improvised performances, detailed design and interactive experiences. Directly before Lost Boys is played, Future Cinema will show the below three-minute intro video featuring Santa Cruz and what to experience beyond Lost Boys. To learn more about the event, visit the California Classics website.  Now, for our feature presentation... [yframe url='']

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