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October 12, 2011

Annieglass offers more than just beautiful glassware

Denise Peacock, one of the jewelers featured at Annieglass - Photo by Julia Elman Annieglass is a name locals and visitors alike have come to recognize.  Annie Morehauser's masterpieces are celebrated widely.  Not only in Santa Cruz County, but also in luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's, world class hotels such as Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton and even celebrities! Annie's love for beautiful art has expanded beyond tableware to many areas, including jewelry.  Over the years, Annieglass has hosted trunk shows for local artisans and jewelers, as well as featuring the jewelers in her store.  Most recently Annieglass hosted jeweler Philippa Roberts for a trunk show, during First Friday Art Tour on October 7th.  Last year, jeweler Denise Peacock displayed her artistry at Annieglass's former downtown location in a similar fashion. Showing a rare look into the jewelry making and inspiration, Annie conduced an up close and personal interview with Denise Peacock during her trunk show last year. Proud as a (Denise) Peacock! An interview with jewelry artist Denise Peacock, conducted by Ann Morhauser, founder of Annieglass. “Rare it is, with my picky, overly - high standards that someone can walk into my store and delight me with their wares. Denise Peacock is the rare (bird) who did just that …and Santa Cruz feels the same.  I caught up with Denise on the road with a few questions about her beautiful jewelry and how she does it. Read on:  she is fascinating!”   Where did you learn your skill? Did you have any training? DP- Initially I did a lot of exploration on my own, experimenting with different materials, found objects, and non-standard tools. I quickly became enthused, and keen to learn techniques that could help me fulfill the myriad of ideas I had for finished pieces of jewelry. Initially I had excellent guidance from teachers locally, primarily through Parks and Recs. Subsequently I trained at the Revere Academy in San Francisco How did you get into making jewelry? DP- I've always loved beautiful things! I worked in graphic design for many years in London, and New York, and have a strong visual sense. I also took classes in photography at ICP in New York, and focused on abstract color images, often macro in scale. While traveling, I purchased diamonds in India and had a very clear idea of how to incorporate them into earrings, but was disappointed with the results from a jeweler I worked with. This inspired me to start experimenting myself. All this adds up to a rather indirect route into becoming a jewelry artist, but every experience informed me; and when I started to design, I knew I had found my true vocation. "Impressionist Lux Organic Necklace" from Peacock's collection You have a keen color sense- how did you come by that? DP- It is my strongest inspiration, and I think something I was lucky enough to have been born with, and have [unknowingly] been developing all my life. I can literally get lost in color, I adore it. I see the tiny nuances of different color and textural beauty in the luster of a baroque pearl, others might see cream, I see soft creamy-white, blush-pink, soft lavender, palest gray metallic, flashes of green. I also love to experiment with combinations of color [and texture, and size/shape] that, if considered rationally, might seem ill-matched but that are often in reality striking, unusual and beautiful. How long have you been in Santa Cruz? What do you like about it? DP- I have been in Santa Cruz for eight years, and love the people, the climate, the proximity to the ocean and the hills, the relaxed way of life. Prior to this, we had lived in New York City for give years, right in Greenwich Village. Being from London originally, I wondered whether the transition from city to town might be difficult. I still enjoy cities, but love the human scale of Santa Cruz, and greater sense of community.  I also love that downtown had independent and excellent businesses, not least Annieglass! Don't forget to stop in and visit Annieglass in the Watsonville location and the newest location in Santana Row in San Jose for beautiful collections of tableware from Annie, and jewelry from Denise and Philippa!


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